If you frequently...

  • Wake up with a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach
  • Play the "what if" gamehabitually focused on the worst-case scenario
  • Feel isolated from your friends—too ashamed to reveal your anxiety
  • Feel like you're going through the motions in your life and career
  • Experience chronic muscular tension or other physical symptoms
  • Feel creatively blockedafraid to experiment and play


Laurie Handler, MFT


You're not alone.

At age 35, I began to notice that anxiety was running my life.  From the outside, it appeared as though I was doing fine...my career was thriving, I was healthy, and had loving friends. But underneath that thin veneer I was essentially paralyzed, isloated and alone, and too afraid to reach out for support.

Anxiety limited my life for some time, until I finally decided to get help.  I was able to find a great therapist who understood my experience, as she'd also dealt with anxiety. Knowing this about her provided a glimmer of hope that relief might one day be a possibility. This therapist created a safe space for me, where I could take a closer look at my life, get out of my head, and gradually begin to inhabit my anxious, frozen body.

As I began to connect with my body, it became a wonderful resource. The spinning thoughts and
anxiety began to diminish, and I was able to enjoy the simple pleasures of being alive. My therapist
helped me to discover a more authentic, embodied sense of self. With her care and support, I moved through
that very challenging life transition...a journey that led me to the
rewarding path I'm now on.


Do you struggle with anxiety?   Perhaps I can help...